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Vegetarians Unite! May 21, 2008

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This article by Taylor Clark is possibly the most accurate representation of how I feel about the whole vegetarian thingamajiggy.  Thanks Yvette for forwarding this, and thanks Taylor for writing this so that I don’t have to!


In Mama’s Dress May 20, 2008

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The night Luke and I announced our engagement to my parents, my mother took him upstairs and showed him all the baby clothes she had saved for her grandchildren. Astonishingly we were still married (although it did take about five years for him to recuperate from the shock). Of course, most of the clothes were dresses, so it was up to Rosemary to realize my mother’s dreams:


Sleeping Beauties

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Can you tell which baby is which?

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A quiz for the grandparents:


There is just something about a baby eating broccoli

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that makes me happy.


Book Report No. 4: The Search for Chapter Books, updated May 14, 2008

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We finally found a chapter book suitable for Atticus: The Cricket in Times Square by George Seldon. This book is about a cricket, Chester, who mistakenly finds himself far from his country home in New York City. He is discovered by a little boy whose parents run a newsstand in the subway tunnel and who grows to love Chester. There is also a wonderful friendship between Chester and two city animals – a mouse and a cat.

We are about three-quarters of the way through the book and all in all, it has been a success. There is just enough excitement to keep Atticus interested (Chester eats some money, visits to Chinatown, accidentally starts a small fire), but nothing scary. The New York city setting, where Atticus has visited twice, and the wonderful way in which Chester arrives in New York – via subway train – have definitely contributed to his interest. He has been looking forward to hearing the next chapter and inevitably asks us to read more. We all enjoy the voices given the animals, which are truly delightful – you can really hear the different personalities of the three animals. I think we will also try to borrow the CD from the library when we are finished reading.


I did warn him about the teeth…

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I love this picture of my dad finding out exactly what baby teeth are made of: