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Teeth + Wanting to Crawl = No sleep July 15, 2008

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Although my title says it all, for my own venting needs, I will go further.  Rosemary is working on at least four new teeth which is making her a cranky-wanting to nurse all the time fiend.  In addition, she has finally figured out how to get her trunk off the floor while on all fours and wants to do this all the time.  Including while nursing.  Like many other developmental phases Atticus went through, I had completely forgotten the trying-to-crawl-while-nursing phase.  Which, while temporarily amusing, is predominantly really really annoying.  Night before last she did this all night.  Last night she just nursed all night.  Which makes me one tired mama.  Ah well, I knew what I was getting into this time.  And I am all too aware how many people would trade being tired for the sweet baby love I get most of the day.  So, I will enjoy my coffee, my addled brain and my baby and remember:  nothing gold can stay.


Strange Genes July 10, 2008

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Lately, Rosemary has been developing lots of interesting mannerisms.  She has been rolling her tongue around in her mouth – clearly delighted her discovery of such a wonderful organ.  She has also been opening and closing her hands quite a bit.  And while I would like to think of my daughter as some sort of genius – telling us how much she loves lights (opening and closing your hand is the sign for light), I’m voting it  more likely she is telling us she wants to be held, since I usually see her do this while looking at me in a plaintive way from a seated position.   (if your blog isn’t the right place for a runon sentence, I’m not sure where is)

Some of her mannerisms are things which her ancestors have been doing – I’ve seen my dad do the tongue thing and her love of eating paper apparently comes from my grandfather Doc (Dr. Guy Vernon, to those not previously met).   Supposedly, my grandfather would eat the junk mail on the way back to the house from the mailbox.  Hmmmmm.

I love watching her become a little person and develop her own ways of being.  I’ll try and post some pictures of various habits when I get a chance.  In the meantime, here is a Rosemary and Atticus fix for those who have been wanting one (and there are more on our flickr site):



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Since Luke’s maternal grandparent’s passed away last fall, Atticus and Rosemary have only one living great-grandparent, my paternal grandmother.  She will be 89 this August and still drives forty-five minutes to Raleigh to shop and have lunch in the “big city.”  We visited her a week or so ago and spent sometime at a local park.  The first is a picture I took of Granny and Rosemary, the second one is a portrait taken by Atticus.


And we’re off! July 7, 2008

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Rosemary is (finally?) on the move.  She has figured out how to roll her way towards something she wants, which means no more putting her down on the bed with a few toys while we try to get some things done.  Ah well, I knew it wouldn’t last forever!

Luckily, she still hasn’t figured out how to crawl or get herself sitting up from a lying down position – the joys that await us!