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Siblings August 4, 2008

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There has definitely been an increase in sibling jealousy-rivalry-insert term you like here around our house.  Atticus just cannot leave Rosemary alone, which is sometimes very sweet (playtime), and sometimes very annoying (naptime).  In general, he is very good about protecting her, but sometimes the alpha dog mentality wins out and he has to let her know in not-so-subtle ways that he is “top dog.” I am looking forward to her being able to give back…

In the meantime, here are some more fun pictures of Rosemary on the left, and Atticus at just around the same age on the right.  I am so lucky to have such wonderful, happy children.



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Recently, I’ve been spending lots of time at, having fun researching various ancestors.  Prior to having Atticus, Luke and I were looking for a new last name and he suggested that we might have a common ancestral name that would work.  I did a lot of research at that time and shockingly enough, could not find one common name between the two of our families.  Which, of course, led to us making up the name “Graysmith.”   For whatever reason (I suspect because I can point-and-click my way through census records while nursing) I’ve been obsessed with filing in the holes in my family tree recently.  Now I just need to figure out an easy way to share my tree for free with everyone.  For now, if you have any interest, you can email me and I’ll invite you to take a peek!