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Have you voted yet? October 29, 2008

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Yesterday, I took the kids with me to one of our early voting sites.  Fortunately there were no lines, so we were able to easily obtain my ballot and sit down with plenty of space around us (yes, we need a lot of space in my family).   With Rosemary on my lap and Atticus in a chair next to me, I sat down to mark my ballot.   I went through everyone and showed Atticus how the ballots worked and then pointed out where I was marking my vote for Barack Obama.  I started crying.  Atticus wanted to know why, and I told him because I was so happy to be able to vote for Mr. Obama.  I’m not ready to explain why voting for a black man (and yes, I know that is not the whole truth, but the important one for the purposes of this blog post) for president is a big deal in the United States.  Atticus does not know anything about slavery, the history of discrimination or the civil rights movement and I’m not ready to go there.  Yet.  I don’t look forward to talking with him about those issues, but I hope I am able to do so while at the same time talking about President Obama, and how, a little less than 150 years after the start of the civil war, the United States had a black man in the highest elected position of power in our country.  It may not be everything, and it will certainly not be enough, but it will be something that we can all be proud of – so vote!


And when she was good… October 21, 2008

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Haven’t had much time to post lately, but thought y’all might enjoy this picture by my friend Kathy:


Rosemary is a wrecking ball. October 9, 2008

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Okay, perhaps this is a slight exaggeration.   Only slight.  Yesterday she managed to take one of the “safety” plugs out of the electrical outlet and started chewing on it.  I’m trying to figure out which would be worse: electrocution or choking.  I think I know the answer.

She has also decided that she knows how to climb both up and down stairs and onto and off of our bed.  She is actually pretty good at it and always turns around to go down.  The problem comes when she stops on each stair to sit up and then gets unbalanced.  Fortunately there are only three stairs and she has only fallen from the bottom.

Add all of this to a new strange bouncing motion which I call it the ‘Rosemary Dance’ and her penchant for putting everything into her mouth (her favorites right now are shoes, paper and Atticus’ toys) and you get a wrecking ball.

Anyway here is what you really wanted:  baby action videos – one of her crawling and one of her new dance  and signing ‘light.’


Cute Baby? October 5, 2008

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Everywhere we go, people tell me how “cute” Rosemary is.  I’m not entirely sure I agree with this assessment.  Here, I’ll let you judge for yourself: