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Happy Birthday Sweet Girl November 18, 2008

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Rosemary Ella Graysmith was born on November 6 2007 at 11:55PM.  This November 6th we had a lovely day – lunch with mama and papa while Atticus was at Morning Song, watching soccer practice, dinner at Elmo’s (just like her big brother’s first birthday) followed by her first taste of ice cream at Maple View.  I’ve posted a few pictures on flickr and will try to get more up later!



Happily Ever After November 6, 2008

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As Yes We Can!** became Yes We Did! I, like most everyone else I know, cried tears of joy (I’m at the point where I can barely think the name “Obama” without tearing up).  Then, we woke up and found out what had happened in California (and several other states) with Proposition 8 – causing me to cry in the more usual way.

Fortunately, I have DailyKos who this morning offered up this from John Corvino at the LA Times:

The path to inclusion is not always direct and the pace of change almost never steady. This setback is by no means a final verdict. In the coming years, gay and lesbian citizens will continue to tell our stories. We will demonstrate that, like everyone else, we are worthy of having someone to have and to hold, for better or for worse. More Americans will realize that such relationships are a good thing — not just for us but for the community at large.

When the smoke from this battle clears, Americans will realize that gays are not interested in confusing children or in forcing princesses on little girls who don’t want them. But they also will realize that, when girls grow up to love princesses, they deserve to live happily ever after too.

You can see the entire article here.

I have to hope that Mr. Corvino is right, and that by the time my daughter (and my son) is ready to marry the person she loves, our government will recognize that the choice of whom she should marry is, and should have always been, her choice.

Yes We Can!


** Ironically enough the theme to Bob the Builder as I found out the other day when I watched dozens of young children screaming the theme song at a Thomas the Train event


Autumn November 2, 2008

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As I mentioned in the Halloween post below, Atticus’ preschool had an autumn fairy gathering.  Atticus loved his wreath, cape and wand, and I liked it so much that I borrowed it for a halloween costume.  Here is a picture of my sweet son dressed as an autumn fairy, and a picture of Rosemary when we visited Morning Song.  A few Halloween pictures are up on our flickr site.  Enjoy!


Fall Hikes

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The weather has been so wonderful these past weeks, so we’ve been trying to get out and about as much as possible.  Some pictures from a recent trip to Duke forest:


Happy Halloween! November 1, 2008

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After all the festivities yesterday – autumn fairy celebration at Morning Song (Atticus’ preschool),  afternoon pumpkin stories with mama, putting the finishing touches on Atticus’ costume, carving our pumpkin, halloween festival at Carrboro Town Commons, trick-or-treating, hot apple cider (wine and baked brie for the adults) and halloween tales at the home of our lovely hosts, the Verhoeven family – Atticus’ one question on the ride home last night was “when will it be Halloween again?”

Here is a short video of the kids enjoying the pumpkin…I’ll post some pictures of costumes leter.  Enjoy!