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Dogs January 13, 2009

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Rosemary definitely has a ‘lovely’ – and it is a dog. Now most people who know me, know how I feel about dogs. In the cat person/dog person/both person world, I am most definitely a cat person. I have met very few dogs on this earth that I think of fondly. In fact, I can think of only two off the top of my head, and both are older dogs who frankly, act like cats – no barking, no drooling, no jumping, let-themselves-out-the-door type of dogs. Plus, I am actually allergic to dogs (for those of you who think this is just an attitude issue). Rosemary’s attachment to her stuffed dog definitely comes as a surprise. I don’t remember Atticus having a lovely this early on. It was not until around 18 months – 2 years when he attached himself to a stuffed sheep named Ludwig (the sheep’s original name was Lampchop, but that just seemed wrong in so many ways).

Rosemary loves loves loves her dog – she carries it around, says ‘dog’ all the time, and as I type is trying to get me to kiss the dog. I can see my future: me in a small shack outside the house my husband, son and daughter share with their large, numerous dogs.


Walking and Talking January 9, 2009

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Rosemary is at such a fun stage (well, we won’t mention the not-sleeping-part or the getting-molars-part). She is taking more and more steps and is clearly enjoying herself. She still knows that she can get around faster crawling, though and prefers that to walking.

There is also such joy in her expanding communication skills. She is getting the hang of signing and it seems like is adding a couple of signs every week. Her favorite is ‘more’ which she uses primarily to tell us she wants something to eat. She also uses ‘change’ (as in diaper change), ‘nurse’ (a version I made up), ‘cat’ and several others. I need to learn more signs to teach her!

She has also started talking. Her first word (besides mama, of course) was ‘baby.’ She uses baby to say ‘that’ as in ‘look at that’ and ‘I see that.’ Her favorite use of ‘baby’ is when she very excitedly sees a cat she says ‘baby baby baby’ over and over again. While at the beach for new years she started saying ‘dog’ with a pronounced southern accent. I need to make sure and tape her voice – my parents have these wonderful tapes of my sister and I talking to each other with incredible accents, just like Rosemary’s.

PS I know there are those of you eagerly awaiting holiday photos – I promise, I will get them up this weekend!