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CSA Adventures April 22, 2009

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I finally, finally, finally got around to signing up for a CSA.  And, since I can’t do anything simply, went with two CSAs.  (I am splitting one with friends)   The first, a farm about five miles down the road, started two weeks ago and I am feeling healthier already.  Our first box contained:  baby bok choy, three types of lettuce, normal-old-green kale, red russian kale and what I have recently concluded was siberian kale.  At first I thought the siberian kale might be collards.  Yes, I am fully aware that I should know the difference.  If we get some again next week I will take a picture for you and let you judge.  Our second box contained:  baby bok choy, two types of lettuce, two types of kale (red russian and siberian), chard (including some of the lovely red chard) and radishes.  I have to say, each box has produced an enormous amount of excitement – both on my part and on that of my son.  Trying to figure out where to put everything in the refridgerator brings another type of excitement.

Needless to say, being required to consume all of this delicious food has forced me to cook things I would never have cooked before.  I have been scouring recipe books and the internet for green-friendly recipes.  Prior to now, the only thing I have done with kale was to saute it with onion and garlic.  I had never ever cooked baby bok choy.    These days, we rarely have a meal that doesn’t contain something green.  I’m even contemplating breakfast with greens.   Last night we had sesame noodles with tofu and kale and tonight I will attempt a kale quiche.  Wish me luck, and send me recipe links if you have any!


Catching Up, Part Two April 21, 2009

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These past few months we have enjoyed a lot of “fire and ice.”  There have been several snows and we have also enjoyed many bonfires in our new firepit.  The snow pictures are up on our flickr site.  Here are some pictures of fire:


We particpiated in a few end-of-winter-beginning-of-spring celebrations – the first being at Atticus’ preschool, Morning Song where the arrival of baby chickens inspired my son to use the word “cute” at least fifty times in one day.  A word I almost never, ever, ever, use.  He also frequently added “sweet” in a sing song voice.  I will miss these days!  Atticus was very gentle holding the baby chickens, although he definitely loved them a little much.  Around our house, his ‘big love’ (what we used to call the squeezing of his sister) has given way to more of an equal relationship.  Rosemary is now quite capable of holding her own with her big brother and these days I hear “Mama, Rosemary hit me” at least as many times as I hear Rosemary crying because Atticus has picked her up when she would much prefer to be making her own way in the world.  All that being said, having two children is even more wonderful than I ever imagined.  They love each other so completely and delight in each other’s company in a joyful way that makes the tears spring to my eyes daily.


Catching Up, Part One. April 17, 2009

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For whatever reason, I have not felt like blogging in the past three months.  Call it late winter/spring fever.  Here are the highlights of our lives since my last post:

We have a new president!!! Rosemary, Atticus and I were planning to watch the inauguration on a big screen (we don’t have TV) with friends, but alas it snowed. So, instead, we watched on our computer screen online:

img_2285 img_2286

I have to say, it was pretty cool the way the New York Times presented the coverage – the video image embedded as if it were a picture on their front page.  We are getting closer and closer to the word of Harry Potter every day.

The next big event was Atticus’ birthday.  I now have a five year old, which is sooo cool.  Five seems pretty good.  The magic is still there  – he believed that the treasure map Luke made for his party was mysteriously found in the attic the night before –  and yet, he is also ready for some more “interesting” stories and challenges.  I posted some birthday pictures on my facebook account, let me know if you want to see them and I can send you a link!

In February, I also made some decisions about homeschooling and the direction we were going to take, at least for the next year and a half!  Atticus loves loves loves stories and I found a great fit for him in Enki Education.  I ordered their Kindergarden materials and am making my way, slowly, but surely, through them.  I’ll definitely have more to report on this later.  For now, until the beginning of June, Atticus will continue his three-morning a week adventures at Morning Song, a waldorf-inspired preschool program here in Orange County.  Then we will have lots of summer fun – beach, mountains and camp at Morning Song, and sometime around labor day, begin enjoying a more consistent rhythm with Enki.