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Rosemary at Two November 20, 2009

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Rosemary at 2 is a constant whirl of activity, sometimes ridiculously sweet, sometimes completely maniac, sometimes clinging to me like a baby monkey, sometimes telling me to “stay there mama” while she waltzes down the driveway.   She is able to express her emotions with ease and tell us exactly what she wants and that she wants it NOW.  Unfortunately, the development of the ability to communicate does not coincide with the development of the ability to reason.  Thus, more unhappiness when she can’t have cake for breakfast-no jacket on in the cold- her drink in a fragile glass cup.   Fortunately, all this insanity is balanced by the utter sweetness of one of her favorite pretend-plays, going to sleep.  She will get in bed, under the covers, close her eyes and snuggle with me.  And I will try my hardest to soak it all in so that when she is 13 I will be able to crawl in my own bed without her and remember.

Her favorite activity of all is playing with her kitchen where she prepares soup and cookies and birthday cake and tea and bagels and…

Close seconds are playing with the wooden trains, swinging on her trapeze and playing with friends.  She is alternately afraid of strangers or anyone she hasn’t seen in a while and then, when she warms up, she is in love.  She will ask for her favorite people if we are going to a place where she last saw them.  And of course, she is totally in love with her brother and wants to do everything just like he does.  Strike that, she does everything that he does.  Which is not the easiest thing to witness.  I definitely did not have to hear Atticus saying “stupid” or “not fair” at this age, nor did he go down the slide that hurled him halfway across the playground (okay, yes, that was a slight exaggeration).

She is more aware of clothes and colors than Atticus was at this age.  Last week I pulled out some socks, realized there were no matching pairs and tried to have her put on socks of two different colors.  Oh no, that was not going to fly at all.  I did manage to convince her to wear two white socks, even though they were not a perfect pair.  She is also more attached to loveys – stuffed animals – than I remember Atticus being.  Her favorites are her stuffed monkey George,

and Paddington Bear, formerly a companion to our friend Francesca who generously gave her to us when she went to college.  Thanks Francesca!

That is all for tonight – tomorrow I will post some birthday pictures.


One Response to “Rosemary at Two”

  1. aunt lion Says:

    Just finished reading this post for the hundredth time. I can’t wait to see Rosemary and witness her whirl of activity and sweetness. Thanks for posting this – it’s so good to keep up on how Rosemary and Atticus are changing through your words and pictures.

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