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Language Arts Continued September 8, 2010

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Our second letter and Fairy Tale combination was “Jumping Mouse” -a Native People’s legend, a version of which can be read here.   We continued with the three-fold process:

Artistic Digestion (another led drawing):

Can you find the letter in the drawing?  Mine makes it a little more obvious:

Atticus was very, very eager to do the drawing and find the letter, which he easily found:

And our verse:

“Journey afar,” he heard a voice calling,
“Joy awaits in a far-off land.
Jump over desert, jump over mountain,
Jumping Mouse, jump as high as you can.”
(verse from Enki Education)

I made the forest paths smaller, but not small enough for the whole verse.  As you can see, Atticus is still interspersing a lot of capital letters within the verse.  Watching him perform the copywork is pretty amazing.  It clearly challenges him in different ways.  I am glad he is still enjoying it!

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  1. Luke Says:

    This is awesome.

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