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Owls October 3, 2010

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After a busy day we gathered wood and had a campfire tonight. While reading one of our nature stories, we heard a strange sound. Something like this. We all agreed it was an owl, and then as the noises continued, we realized it was more than one. A truly magical moment, all of us together (a rarity these days with Luke working so much) listening in on a conversation between these amazing wild birds. Tonight, at the computer Atticus and I listened to lots of owl calls and decided it was a Barred Owl – pretty common in North Carolina, pretty special to us.


One Response to “Owls”

  1. laurenref Says:

    Cool! Love thinking of you guys all hanging out outside at night by the campfire and hearing owls. I once saw a pygmy owl at night in Bellingham -very unusual and beautiful creature. It didn’t hoot, though. love you, aunt lion

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